Grupos Bíblicos Unidos is the entity that groups three sections: high school (GBE), university (GBU) and professional (GBG). They organise meetings where students from different Churches and High Schools (GBE) or Universities (GBU) come into contact with the aim to be formed in the Word of God, as well as to learn to study it for themselves and to share it. GBG, for its part, actively supports the production of quality biblical literature and its own content.

Grupos Bíblicos Unidos:
Secure access to your management application

What challenge was the company facing?

Grupos Bíblicos Unidos had a server on the premises to which four users connected to access their management and accounting software. They were interested in hosting it on Amazon Web Services to enhance their security and availability, and ultimately take advantage of the credits AWS offers through TechSoup.

Implemented solution

Our technical team configured the Amazon EC2 instance based on the needs provided by the management software provider, but once it was up and running, we found that these requirements were insufficient, so we expanded the instance.

In addition, backup management was implemented with Lifecycle Manager, which provides three daily snapshot backups for 30 days and attack monitoring with Amazon GuardDuty. With these actions, we address one of the issues of greatest concern for the organization: the security of the data contained on the server.

In this sense, a VPN system was implemented so that users could connect via RDP securely to the server.

We also implement a combination of security management, auditing and monitoring services with Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Inspector among others, configured according to best practices established by AWS, to ensure control over the implemented architecture:

  • Account governance based on Amazon CloudTrail, AWS Config, and AWS Organizations with SCP.
  • Amazon GuardDuty for IDS Purposes


The migration was carried out with minimal impact and the client achieved the goal of improving the security and accessibility of its server.

The main benefits obtained with the implementation of the new environment were:

  • Improved access to your management systems, thanks to the possibility of secure access to your platform from anywhere.
  • Reduce the security riskassociated with having your server on site.

To consider

The ability to perform minimum impact migration is a key factor in enabling customers to successfully migrate to AWS.

Why apser

apser is the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specializing in companies, public administrations, startups and non-profit.

The apser team provides a customized, easy-to-understand and agile approach with the goal of contributing to the widespread adoption of the cloud paradigm.

Our team operates through two business units: Cloud Solutions (acting as a managed services provider) and Cloud Professional Services (acting as a consulting firm).

In 2018 we had our first experience with AWS. Since then, we have not stopped incorporating knowledge and experience that, day by day, help us improve the effectiveness of our clients’ platforms. You can consult our AWS Validated Qualifications here.

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