With more than 10 years in the market, Avanzir is a company specialized in the implementation of process management and document management solutions.

They are responsible for providing a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of each company at the level of information processing.

Infrastructure migration to the AWS platform

What challenge was the company facing?

Avanzir had a platform based on Microsoft Windows Server that it used to demos its products to customers and potential customers. This platform was hosted in a traditional cloud over VMware.

The main objective to be achieved was to optimise service costs, while allowing them the flexibility to grow if necessary.

Implemented solution

First, apser proposed to the client to migrate the current server to AWS. However, since the previous server was in version 2008, a migration to a new server running Microsoft Windows Server 2019 was recommended.

The deployed server was based on an EC2 instance:

  • with SSD-type (gp2) EBS volumes
  • with backup managed using Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager
  • with attack monitoring using Amazon GuardDuty


The use of AWS’s Lifecycle Manager data manager, which allows lifecycle policy creationand automation on selected resources, offered Avanzir 3 copies daily for 30 days. This was almost 4 times more than on its previous platform, a significant improvement in security.

On the other hand, the launch of Amazon GuardDuty made it possible toprotect your data thanks to constant monitoring for the detection of possible threats.


Avanzir achieved a direct cost reduction of 15% compared to the server costs on the previous platform.

In addition, it gained performance due to the use of SSDs and security due to the use of the various Amazon Web Services solutions implemented.

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Reducción de Costes de Infraestructura

Next steps

New opportunities for collaboration with Avanzir are opening up at the partnering level, since the company presents apser as its partner in the platform area. In this way, Avanzir offers its client portfolio to deploy the contracted services directly on the AWS platform.

Why apser

apser is the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specializing in companies, public administrations, startups and non-profit.

The apser team provides a customized, easy-to-understand and agile approach with the goal of contributing to the widespread adoption of the cloud paradigm.

Our team operates through two business units: Cloud Solutions (acting as a managed services provider) and Cloud Professional Services (acting as a consulting firm).

In 2018 we had our first experience with AWS. Since then, we have not stopped incorporating knowledge and experience that, day by day, help us improve the effectiveness of our clients’ platforms. You can consult our AWS Validated Qualifications here.

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