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According to an IDC report, AWS runs more than twice as many Windows Server instances as the next largest cloud provider. Moreover, it has been doing so for more than 10 years. Thanks to this vast experience in running Windows applications, Amazon Web Services enterprise customers using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server have increased fivefold since 2015.

AWS allows you to choose from several versions of Windows Server, including Windows Server 2019, and has everything you might need to build and run Windows applications, including Active Directory, .NET, System Center, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio and Windows Desktop as a Service. AWS also has the first and only Windows-native file system fully managed in the cloud (FSx for Windows File Server), as well as being the only cloud provider to provide production support for Kubernetes on Windows.

AWS for Windows compared to the next largest cloud provider

2 times

More Windows Server instances

2 times

More areas with multiple availability zones (20 vs 8)

7 times

Less standby time in 2018

5 times

More services that offer encryption

2 times

Higher performance for SQL Server on Windows

Why Windows in AWS?

AWS is the best cloud for Windows and the ideal cloud platform for running Windows-based apps. Windows on Amazon EC2 makes it possible for you to increase or decrease capacity in minutes. How many servers can I start? You can launch one, a hundred or two thousand instances at a time!
Broader and deeper functionality

Compared to other cloud providers, AWS has a much wider range of services, plus much deeper functionality within most of these services.

Increased confidence

Amazon Web Services possess the best global infrastructure to run workloads that require high availability, thanks to 66 Availability Zones spread across 21 regions.

More agile performance

A DBBest test found out that AWS's SQL Server provides 2 to 3 times better performance with the use of HammerDB.

Reduced costs

The total expense of running Windows in the cloud is reduced thanks to the broader EC2 instance family and single-priced models. Spot, for example, can help you save up to 90% of your Windows costs.

More experience in migration

AWS has more than 10 years of experience helping thousands of organizations. Important companies such as Sysco, Hess, Sony DADC, Ancestry and Expedia, opted for AWS when migrating their Windows workloads to the cloud.

Increased safety

AWS has a range of 210 key security, compliance and management services and capabilities, about 40 times more than the next largest cloud provider.

AWS services for Windows workloads

When our clients decide to migrate their Windows workloads to AWS, these are some of the services that they normally use as a part of their deployments
SQL Server en Amazon EC2

Choosing multiple versions of Microsoft SQL Server gives you the flexibility to run a database server for as long as you need, with total control over the Windows server configuration.

Amazon Relational Database Service

Relational database service completely managed that offers 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017 SQL Server. It can save up a great number of administration tasks such as backups management, error detection, and recovery, and much more, all for an affordable and predictable price.

Amazon FSx para Windows File Server

Fully managed Microsoft Windows native file system that offers shared file storage, including full support for the SMB protocol and Windows NTFS, apart from the integration with the active directory.

AWS Directory Service

crosoft Active Directory is managed in AWS's cloud. This service is intended for those organizations that use Active Directory for access control management and search for easy integration with its actual infrastructure.

AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager makes it easy to manage server licenses, both in the AWS Cloud and on-premises, from software vendors such as Microsoft. Administrators can create custom licensing rules to manage, discover, and report on the use of the company's software licenses

Virtual desktops in AWS

The customers who wish to migrate their Windows 10 and Windows 7 desktops to AWS, can do it with Amazon WorkSpaces. Amazon WorkSpaces is a desktop as a service solution that enables you to manage in a centralized way your desktops and deliver them to any user, with total security. You can easily scale to suit any number of users around the world, without having to acquire, provision, or use neither hardware nor infrastructure. Furthermore, you only pay per month or hour, for the WorkSpaces that you use.

The end of the SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 support

The support for SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 was finished on July 9th of 2019 and the January 4th of 2020 for Windows Server 2008. It migrates your SQL Server 2008 or Windows workloads to the cloud and updates easily with AWS Systems Manager.

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