ITaaS powered by Amazon Web Services

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  • Optimize technology and reduce costs
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve your company’s current results

Choose the pack that best suits your needs. Minimum 10 users.

As providers, we take care of the sizing of the service, the migration process from your current situation to this new, more efficient environment, and the subsequent management and administration of the service throughout its life cycle.

ITaaS Start Pack
/ month and user
AWS cloud platform
Backup and managed security
Platform management and administration
Support 12x5
Service Monitoring 24x7
It does not include third-party software
From 10 to 250 users
ITaaS Support Pack
/ month and user
Start Pack features
Workplace Management
VPN and firewall management
Alerts and consumption panel
Shared management and administration
It does not include third-party software
From 10 to 500 users
ITaaS Advanced Pack
/ month and user
Support Pack features
Remote Desktops by Amazon Workspaces
Inventory and Equipment Management
Technical Director of assigned account
It does not include third-party software
+ than 150 users

Areas of Action

We detail the areas that make up the Service

Platforms and Systems

Hosting, Administration and Management of critical applications that require a professional context of high availability, high performance storage and fast disaster recovery.
Since 2004 we have been accompanying companies in the process of Transformation and Migration to the cloud. We base our cloud services on the AWS cloud – Amazon Web Services.

SaaS. Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing contracting model where the service provider takes care of the maintenance, daily operation, and support of the software used by the customer, and the customer only pays for the use of the application.

The service provider manages the hardware and software and, with the appropriate service contract, will also ensure the availability and security of the application and its data. SaaS enables an organization to get up and running with minimal upfront cost.

The Service can include all the software that a company needs; Operating System, Databases, Antivirus, Email, Office Automation, Remote Desktops, etc.

3. Workplace Management. CAU

We put at your disposal a CAU -Centro de Atención al Usuario or Service Desk- for the management of incidents and service requests from your end customers and/or users. The CAU is responsible for managing the incident, configuration and problem processes, and executing the appropriate support operations and procedures for proper service delivery.

Communications Management. SGR

We offer you a flexible and scalable range of Communication Management Services that will help you optimize your current infrastructure. Among our services you will find: monitoring, performance, incidents, changes, configuration and security.
We support multi-vendor network electronics (routers, switches, hubs, servers, firewalls, etc.) and technologies such as Voice over IP, Virtual Private Networks and SNMP manageable devices, to help you keep your network nodes operational and your business competitive.

5. PC as a Service. PCaaS

PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software and services throughout the entire lifecycle and financing into a single all-in-one solution, at a predictable price per user per month.
The flexibility of the service ensures that you always have exactly what you need, when you need it, and helps maintain end-user engagement, productivity and satisfaction.

6. Part Time HR

If necessary, we will provide you with part-time executives or managers to provide you with the talent, experience, knowledge and attitude necessary to develop the specific management functions required by the company. In short, it is a part-time outsourced management service for those departments that lead support processes such as the technological area.

ITaaS powered by Amazon Web Services

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