Computing as a service is already a reality

Do you dream of business-oriented technology?

Outsources the "non-strategic" functions of IT activity

and free up your resources to devote themselves to what they really add value to your company.

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ITaaS - Outsourcing TI

Cloud Servers
Communications and Security
User support

A complete proposal for your IT needs

Technology can become a lever for innovation and the main difference between you and your competition. Otherwise, it can turn into a burden and prevent your enterprise's growth due to the high cost that you're paying and the little return you're getting.

The major hardware, software and communications suppliers, under pressure from new market demands that are much more sensitive to return on investment, have developed tools and systems that enable interoperability between them, as well as optimization of the resources they consume. The objective is to reduce costs while maintaining or, in most cases, increasing the quality of your current services. In other words, offer more for less.

It is in your hands to get ahead of the competition by adapting these new technologies to your company, while allocating the current overhead associated with ICT to other departments such as Marketing, Sales or R&D, which are much more oriented towards differentiation and increased profitability.

ITaaS, a successful model

apser cloud ITaaS has been specially designed to meet the global needs of the company in terms of:

  • Hosting of critical applications that require a professional high-availability environment , high-performance storage and fast disaster recovery.
  • Communications and Security Management
  • User Support
  • Software and Hardware Management

As providers, we take care of the sizing of the service, the migration process from your current situation to this new, more efficient environment, and the subsequent management and administration of the service throughout its life cycle.

ITaaS advantages

Reduced operating costs and expenses
Increased and improved strategic approach to business activities
Elimination of distractions, allowing you to dedicate yourself exclusively to the development of your business.
Increased availability of capital funds
Transfer of operating costs and expenses to third parties and more flexible cost structure
Capturing added value in the quality of services offered by suppliers
Optimized services and functions thanks to access to suppliers with high technology and new techniques that the company's primary equipment does not have.
Processes that offer maximum effectiveness and ensure high levels of availability
Services based on the best practices in the industry and based on the best infrastructures
Services based on the skills of our staff, their individual commitment and their ability to work as a team, as well as on the use of the best tools.

ITaaS's key points

Service Level Agreements (SLA) customized to each customer's requirements
Project management based on an agile, fresh, efficient and results-based methodology.
Efficient management of our suppliers and the highest standards in their services

Achieve more, for less

Technologies as cloud computing or the constant increase in bandwidth and quality of communications allow us to take better advantage of ICT investments.
Now more than ever, companies and especially ICT departments, need to implement service improvement solutions with parallel cost reduction, in such a way that more is obtained (service, quality, transparency, agility) for less (investment, expense, dedicated human resources ...).

Ready to make the most of the opportunities that technology gives you?

Ultimately, we seek to minimize operational risks while maximizing the return on investment made.

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