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The challenge of migrating to the cloud

Companies looking to migrate to the cloud face big decisions and challenges, such as which workloads to migrate, the right cloud provider, and what approach they should take.

However, the biggest barrier to getting started is determining which workloads are suitable for migration and understanding the TCO of migrating them to the cloud.

In a Forrester survey of 100 cloud service decision-makers commissioned by AWS, 100 decision-makers highlighted the challenges in deploying and managing cloud technology.

Key challenges in migrating to the cloud

  1. Privacy concerns
  2. Initial implementation of cloud services
  3. Architecture for cloud-native applications

How 'Go to Cloud' Assessment can help you

Our Go to Cloud Assessment service simplifies the process of analyzing your current platform and makes it easy to migrate part or all of it from your data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Migration assessment allows you to efficiently assess and model workloads for migration and also manage and optimize your infrastructure for cost, usage, performance and security once running in the cloud. This helps reduce complexity and makes it easier for you to move faster in your cloud migration process.

What is 'Go to Cloud' Assessment?

By installing AWS probes on your machines, for 2 weeks, we monitor the performance and configuration of physical and virtual servers running in one or more data centers. Later, we will analyze that data and make recommendations for moving a workload, a subset or the entire infrastructure running the workload. The assessment makes recommendations on types of instances, services, reservations and associated projected costs. This allows you to compare the TCO of running on-premises workloads with that of running them in the AWS cloud and make smart migration decisions.

Assessment phases

Phase 1: Brownfield Analysis

Status of your system architecture

We analyze the current architecture of your systems and applications by installing AWS probes.

Phase 2: Project Blueprint

Simulations and proposals

We defined what the same architecture would look like using the AWS platform, both from a technical and economic point of view.

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