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Fast Coaching on AWS. Fast, Economical and Effective

We offer you our professional support and consulting services in digital transformation projects based on technology. As well as access to our certified engineers specialized in AWS solutions.
Immediate Resolution

Te ofrecemos un paquete inicial básico de hasta 2 horas en remoto con alguno de nuestros especialistas para que puedas resolver cualquier duda y problema o incidencia, sin ningún otro compromiso que el coste del servicio.

Professionals on demand

Tu seleccionas el perfil y competencias del profesional que te dará soporte, ya sea desde una visión de negocio en proyectos de transformación o de soporte técnico en algún producto o servicio de amazon web services.

Apser is the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specialized on the 'Public Sector', 'Mid Market' companies and Iberian 'pymes'

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Remote coaching
/hasta 2 horas

The service has a cost of 190€. However, if the support has not been productive we will refund the money.

Fill out the form and we will contact you to schedule a remote meeting with the appropriate profile and up to 2 hours long.


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