Data Protection as a Service

Cloud Data Security for cloud platforms, on-premises or hybrid


Invest in your data, not in infrastructure

Druva offers a SaaS platform for data protection whether in data centers, cloud applications or endpoints .

Druva's solutions allow you to securely backup and recover data with the scale and simplicity of the public cloud and pay only for what you use, reducing your overall TCO.

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Data Protection as a Service

Some of the most common use cases

M365 Backup

Prevent Microsoft 365 data loss with a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution

Ransomware Recovery

Your data recovery and business continuity plan with a multi-layered defense

Hybrid Cloud Backup

It reduces the cost and complexity of data protection and DR in hybrid environments

AWS Backup

Easily protect your applications on AWS and ensure business continuity

Disaster Recovery

Unified cloud disaster recovery for VMware and AWS workloads


Thousands of companies rely on Druva for the protection of their data. Here are some of the main reasons to opt for a cloud-native service like Druva's.
Agility and Scalability

True cloud-native service can allocate capacity on demand, as well as increase or decrease the capacity to ensure performance. This is essential for data protection, as data volume and performance requirements are likely to vary over time.

TCO savings

Druva will allow you to reduce the total cost of ownership and IT management time eliminating the costly and complex infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrades. Druva's services offer a cost structure and pricing model in which prices are directly linked to the resources consumed.

Failover and Instant Data Access

Cloud-native data protection can deliver immediate disaster recovery and access to data in the event of a local system failure, thus minimizing company downtime.


Druva includes a service level agreement for all infrastructure and data. That means you'll get guaranteed higher performance and greater data durability without the inconvenience of having to cope with multiple third-party and software vendors.

Total protection against Ransomware

Saas offers complete coverage through the combination of software, operations and storage. By working with infrastructure providers like AWS, cloud-native providers can deliver greater security thanks to continuous monitoring, extensive testing, and security updates that are applied quickly and consistently.

DRUVA solutions

Get to know three of the top data protection services from the leader in Data Protection as a Service

Druva inSync helps settle the business challenges related to the protection and the data administration of the endpoints, including the backup copy and the data recovery, the governance (visibility, control and enablement of eDiscovery), DLP and file synchronization, and sharing.


Druva Phoenix offers availability and data administration for the business infrastructure with a unique point of view that gives priority to the cloud, mixing backup files, disaster recovery, high-performance archiving and analytics to simplify data protection, improve visibility and dramatically reduce the risk, cost and effort of managing today's complex information environment.


Druva CloudRanger simplifies and reduces the costs associated with the complexity of data lifecycle management for AWS Cloud Workloads. It is designed to help organizations maintain control over expanding IaaS and PaaS data. CloudRanger's agentless approach automates daily data management tasks and provides continuous visibility as data grows, all within your own AWS account.

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