Innovate faster

Lower costs

Work more safely

Progam Go to Cloud with AWS


Amazon Web Services

The AWS Cloud gives you access to IT resources on demand, designed to help you innovate faster, reduce costs and run your business more securely.

Unlike local infrastructure, AWS requires no upfront investment. It is easy to scale up and down, and you pay only for the capacity you use at any given time.

Guaranteed Safety

AWS guarantees you the availability and the fulfillment of the principal standards

Scalable Platform

The platform lets you either increase or decrease the resources in agreement with your needs

Cost Reduction

You will only pay for what you use at every moment, which will enable you to reduce the costs.

'Go to Cloud' methodology of Apser

The agile program Go to Cloud of Apser helps you to carry out a migration to the cloud in a controlled and safe way, having in mind at every time your needs, not only the present ones but also the future ones.
Our program

It has several tools that can help you speed up your migration

Your capabilities

Includes the ability to import existing virtual machines and move your data quickly and securely

Replacing your data center with AWS is easier than you think

AWS supports the tools and processes you use locally:

  • The AWS Management Console integrates with management tools such as Microsoft System Center and VMware vCenter.
  • AWS VM Import allows you to use existing virtual machine images in AWS.
  • Dedicated AWS or Microsoft License Mobility infrastructure allows you to use existing enterprise software licenses.

AWS can act as an extension of the existing data center:

  • AWS Direct Connect gives you access to dedicated network connections between AWS and your datacenter.
  • Amazon EC2 dedicated infrastructure allows you to access EC2 instances on servers running only your workloads
  • Amazon VPC allows you to virtually isolate your instances for improved data security

Protect your data

It protects data with 256-bit encryption, virtual isolation, identity and access controls, among other features.

Why should I migrate to the AWS Cloud with apser today?

Take advantage of pay-as-you-go prices

Turn the capital investment into operating expenses and stop paying for resources you don't need.

Improved performance

Adjust the compute, storage, and memory capacity that you need to allow even the most demanding workloads, without needing to upgrade hardware.

Achieve global availability

Obtain access to a trustful and high-performance IT global infrastructure with only two clicks

Automates scaling

It defines conditions that can amplify or reduce automatically the capacity to maintain the availability and the optimal use of the resources.

Use the same tools as you use locally

Benefit from the virtual machine images and the existence of the administration softwares such as Microsoft System Center y VMWare vCenter.

If that has looked interesting to you, we recommend you this free ebook in PDF:

CTA - How to migrate to AWS

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