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AWS Proof of Concept

Check the Amazon Web Services' solutions viability with the Proof of Concept

Experiment with the AWS solutions without contracts

A PoC is a great opportunity to see how different AWS solutions fit into your organization, all without the commitment to pre-hire a service. It will allow you to fully explore the capability and functionality of AWS by defining clearly milestones and goals. No matter the complexity of your environment, you'll have a clear idea of how AWS can improve the work processes in your organization. Once you experience the benefits that AWS offers, the complete migration of the solution will not generate so many uncertainties.

Minimize the risk

Our AWS PoC program reduces the financial and technical risks associated with migrating to the cloud or hiring a new service. Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to experience how AWS technology can benefit your business. Discover how work processes can run smoothly in the cloud and how innovative AWS tools can give you an unprecedented technological boost.

Come to the correct decision

If you're thinking about adopting AWS but aren't sure where to start, joining our PoC program is a great decision. You'll get real, hands-on experience of how AWS solutions fit into your project. After experiencing security, scalability, and integration with different solutions, you'll be able to decide if the AWS platform and services are the right ones for your necessities.

Partner up with an AWS project specialised company

Migrating or deploying AWS solutions can be a daunting task, but working with an AWS-accredited partner will make it much easier. You will have the support of people experienced in this type of project that will accompany you throughout the trip.

We work with you to:

  • Evaluate the suitability of AWS solutions for your project
  • Setting up the PoC environment with greater assurance of success
  • Define a closed cost of the PoC and analyze the possibilities of financing the program
  • Define and manage the achievement of the set objectives
  • Defining a specific use case and generating the PoC
  • Help you implement the complete solution if the PoC objectives are achieved.

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