AWS Onboarding Program for Pymes


apser helps small and medium-sized businesses get the most out of AWS cloud services

Our proposal

  • We guarantee the optimization of AWS service consumption costs.
  • We offer our clients all our experience in the design and operation of cloud architectures, articulated through ACALIC, our cloud paradigm adoption model, based on the AWS WAF (Well Architected Framework) best practices.
  • Two very common scenarios:
    • the customer is already on AWS and wants to deepen its use of services
    • customer is not on AWS and wants to migrate

ACALIC's model

We offer a systematic service (standardised), supplemented with better practices (IT Management under the DevOps + Cloud Computing paradigm) and based on the service excellence and 'the apser way' philosophy
Proprietary Methodology

It features a 6-step procedure to cover all IT transformation lifecycle management. Although it is mostly applicable in migrations to the cloud, it is also a valid model for in-house platforms and/or hybrid cloud environments.

Professionals on demand

The customer can hire partially our services, in any of the 6 steps, in an independent way: audits, assessment go to cloud, architecture designs, etc.

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ACALIC phases

  • 1


    The aim of this phase is to provide as accurate a picture as possible of the current situation of the client's architecture (brownfield map). It can be an infrastructure audit, a software architecture audit, etc.

  • 2


    The result of this phase is the Go To Cloud Road Map. Having in mind the client's goals, we trace the route corresponding to the design and operation of the platform that must sustain the transformation of the client.

  • 3

    Listen & Design

    Based on the information gathered so far and the client's priorities, the most appropriate architecture will be designed.

  • 4

    Build & Test

    Proofs of concept (POC) will be defined and executed when necessary and the different agreed test scenarios.

  • 5

    Migrate & Go live

    We will carry out the planning and implementation of the transition project.

  • 6

    Run & Optimize

    Here we value our ISO certified management system and its different layers of service operation (support, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, evolutionary maintenance and predictive maintenance).

How do we translate it into services?

Based on everything we have said, we offer startups the following services:
    1. Audit
    2. Assess
    3. Listen & Design
    4. Build & Test
    5. Migrate & Go Live
    6. Run & Optimize
    • Lift&Shift
    • Launching Devops
    • Containerization
    • Serverless

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