AWS Onboarding Program for ISVs


We help you to progressively transform your applications into powerful cloud services with high added value for your customers

It unlocks new capabilities, accelerating innovation, reducing technical debt and optimizing costs. Surround yourself with the best team to reach the SaaS paradigm

Challenges to overcome

  • Improve staff agility and productivity
  • Improving application security, scalability and resiliency
  • Reduce costs
  • Going Global
  • Integrating ML/AI & IoT services
  • Consolidating the Data Center
  • Manage Hardware and Software Obsolescence

Phases of the AWS Onboarding Program for ISVs

  • 1

    Migration & Modernization - Assesment 360

    Business Case - Application architecture - Data model - Infrastructure - Licenses - Preparation of the 'Launchpad' roadmap

  • 2

    Rehost - Lift & Shift

    Move to cloud (Migration projects): VMC, Win in EC2, SQL in EC2

  • 3

    Cloud Blueprint Optimization

    Fine tuning and sizing of the aplication + Optimizing for cost

  • 4


    Container orchestrator: ECS, EKS
    Managed - PaaS : Beanstalk, Fargate
    DB Managed - PaaS: RDS

  • 5


    Move to Open Source
    Performance Improvement: .NET to .NET Core
    DB Move to Open Source

  • 6


    Multitenancy building: Servicios profesionales para la construcción de arquitecturas SaaS cubriendo los siguientes 10 aspectos: Tenant, Bridge Model, Tenant Identity, Tenant Isolation, Data Partitioning, Noisy neighbor, Tenant onBoarding, Tenant Tiers, Tenant Activity and Consumption, Tenant-aware Operations
    GTM Activities support

Why choose apser?

  • We put ourselves in your shoes with the firm objective of facilitating your transformation.
  • We propose a progressive approach according to your needs and objectives as an ISV.
  • We offer you all our experience in the design, deployment and operation of cloud architectures as well as our in-depth knowledge of application architectures and our ability to build and launch SaaS solutions in the market.
  • We have a team of specialists in the development of applications with Microsoft technologies.
  • We can also help you with the Go To Market process of your SaaS product, as well as facilitate access to the AWS Marketplace and its co-selling options.
  • We have been helping ISVs of all types on their journey to the cloud for years.
  • The apser AWS Launchpad team is regularly involved in the development of SaaS applications.
  • apser’s Microsoft Licensing area is always at your disposal to advise you.

We help you take your app to the next level

Benefit from all the know-how that apser can transfer to you in order to expand the functionalities of your application and expand the capabilities of your customers. For example:

  • Integrate your solutions with the ecosystem
    Amazon Connect
    the most complete Contact Center in the cloud.
  • It incorporates ML/AI capabilities based on AWS services such as:
    • Inference and metadata extraction from document carriers using Amazon Textract
    • Inference and extraction of metadata from heterogeneous information stored in Data Lakes.
    • Pattern detection from images and video thanks to Amazon Rekognition
    • Natural language-based interface development with Alexa Skill Builder
  • With apser Product Pipeline we can help you improve your software manufacturing process by defining a continuous deployment strategy according to your needs. You will be able to use services such as: Amazon CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon CodeGuru, etc. to ensure continuous deployment and automation of processes and debugging, as well as to incorporate a large number of changes to productive environments at maximum speed without affecting the user experience.

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