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Automatic sorting of your corporate image repository

Multimedia content is growing exponentially in organizations and users do not have the tools to access relevant content at all times; this turns our multimedia repository from a valuable corporate asset into a useless burden.

To date, traditional multimedia classification solutions involved a tedious manual content tagging process that, in practice, ended up being performed only sporadically and irregularly. Today, cloud computing gives us access to the most innovative artificial intelligence technologies that, at very competitive costs, allow us to perform the content tagging process completely unattended and paying only for the volume of images (or minutes of video) classified.

Image auto tagging solution

Apser has developed Magnifier, a cloud solution that provides a secure environment in which authorized users can upload images and videos to the cloud to undergo an automatic tag extraction process (thanks to Amazon Rekognition). In addition, the tool is able to identify and reuse pre-existing EXIF tags on items (such as date of capture, geographic coordinates, camera model, etc.).

Once this classification is done, the auto tagging solution proceeds to store the multimedia contents with their tags to allow immediate consultation or downloading through a simple and user-friendly interface that allows the accumulation of search filters by free terms. Finally, users can enrich the description of each media file by manually adding additional metadata (tags), either in bulk or individually.

In this way, it creates a centralized repository of corporate multimedia content, immediately scalable and with The default backup in different geographical areas helps us to prevent each user from creating personal collections on their work computer and, at the same time, allows the elimination for all users of inappropriate or irrelevant images, thus avoiding communication errors.



You will have all corporate images and videos in a single common system for all users, accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.


You will avoid the accumulation of files in folders with unknown contents.


You will gain in agility since you will be able to locate relevant images by themes, subjects, traits, elements, attribute, etc.


You can access it from any device with Internet access, without the need to install additional software on users' computer equipment.


You will be able to manage yourself, in a very simple way, the users that have access to the tool.


The tool can be adapted, both at the level of functionalities and at the level of design, so that it meets the specific requirements of each organization.


Pay per use without commitment of minimums and without the need to acquire additional licenses.


All contents are stored in a secure environment and with a backup copy so that they are covered against possible eventualities.

Case of use example

A well-known NGO had been accumulating a voluminous collection of digital images that they used in their communication and promotion campaigns (social networks, management reports, mailing lists, brochures…). The workers who made use of these images were dispersed in different locations and, for different reasons, alternative image collections had been generated in their respective work computers. The graphic content of these images was very heterogeneous (landscapes, people, vehicles, activities, tools, etc.).

At start-up, all images were unified in a single cloud repository and automatically tagged. With these results, the perceptive database was created. Authorized users (query/modify) were then generated and NGO workers were invited to make use of this solution to upload new images, automatically tag them and manually enrich these tags. Immediately and without the need for additional training, the apser solution became the corporate tool for storing and consulting digital images.

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