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Amazon Connect is a contact center service based in the cloud. With its auto service modality, any company can easily offer, and at a lower price, better customer service.

Amazon customers around the world are using Amazon Connect to manage millions of conversations with their customers.

Thanks to his graphic interface, Amazon Connect users can design contact flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics, without the technical knowledge requirement.

  • There is no need for specialized knowledge
  • No advance payments or long-term contracts apply
  • There is no infrastructure to manage
  • Customers pay per minute to use Amazon Connect plus associated telephony services



To configure Amazon Connect it's easy. With just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console and within minutes, agents can start receiving calls. With Contact Flow Editor, and its drag-and-drop functionality, you can create contact flows that define effective and efficient customer interactions, all without the need for code


In the absence of infrastructure that needs to be deployed or managed, the scale of the on-demand contact center can be increased or decreased. Adapting the service according to your needs, responding to business cycles or other casuistries of the organization, will no longer be a problem. In addition, with Amazon Connect, you'll pay only for the time the service is in use, plus any associated phone charges.


Amazon Connect runs on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, which operates in 66 Availability Zones in 21 geographic regions around the world. This makes Amazon Connect have a higher level of availability, fault tolerance and scalability than any contact center solution running in a single data center can have.


Amazon Connect bills based on the number of minutes it's used to interact with your customers. There are no contracts with ligatures of any kind, nor initial start-up charges. There is also no minimum monthly fee. Prices are also not based on capacity, the number of agents, or maintenance. Payment is per-use, according to the specified per-minute rate.


Leverage AWS AI services with Amazon Connect to help your business work more efficiently and improve the customer's experience. For example, you can integrate Amazon Lex intelligent chatbots into contact flows, to turn automated interactions into natural conversations. Otherwise, you can use the Powered Speech Analytics solution for Amazon Connect to transcribe calls and know the opinion of the interlocutor in real-time. Then, you can analyze that data to uncover patterns and trends.


It's easy to integrate Amazon Connect with other systems like CRMs, as it's an open platform.
You could use, for example, AWS Lambda to run code from a serverless application or a backend service, to create real-time contact flow experiences tailored especially for your customers' needs. You can also use Amazon S3 to store call recordings, allowing you to control data access and lifecycle.

The functioning of Amazon Connect

Personal and dynamic contact flows

Thanks to Contact Flow Engine, which is accessed through the user interface, any non-technical user can easily create customer interactions, or “contact flows”. The tool can identify information (such as recent purchases, contact history and customer trends) that can be used to anticipate end customers’ needs and answer their questions before they even arise.

Capability-based routing

In order to minimize waiting times and ensure that customers get the answers they are looking for, it is essential to direct them to the right agent. Thanks to competency-based routing, Amazon Connect ensures that contacts are routed to the right agent, taking into account their availability and the appropriate competency to solve the problem efficiently.

Real-time and historical metrics

The operational efficiency of a contact center is based on factors such as the number of calls received per month, the average time on hold and the number of calls in queue at any given time. Amazon Connect features a visual dashboard, with customizable real-time and historical metrics. This allows your contact center manager to make data-driven decisions to increase agent productivity and reduce customer wait times. In addition, analysis of historical metrics will make it possible to identify trends and recurring problems, and to monitor overall operational performance.

Natural language chatbots using Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex makes it possible to create natural language contact flows. Amazon Lex is an AI service that uses the same automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology as Amazon Alexa.

Speech analysis with AI technology

The AI-powered speech analytics solution for Amazon Connect combines AWS AI services to help you with tasks such as speech-to-text transcription, translation into chosen languages, and sentiment analysis. All this, with the advantage that your agents and supervisors will be able to obtain this information in real time.

Outbound calls

Thanks to the outbound contact API, Amazon Connect enables the scheduling of automatic calls for medical or payment due reminders, for example. Similarly, automatic notification calls can be set up in response to events (such as alerting a customer that credit card fraud has occurred, for example). In addition, the API can also be used to initiate calls from other applications, through the use of specific contact flows to, for example, inform your customers about important corporate information, such as service outages.

High quality audio

It is clear that the sound quality of a call has an impact on productivity as it causes time loss and can significantly affect the level of end-customer satisfaction. With Amazon Connect, calls are made over the Internet, using the Amazon Connect softphone. The Amazon Connect softphone resists packet data loss and offers 16 kHz audio to ensure a high quality calling experience. In addition, Amazon Connect includes integrated call recording for agent performance evaluations.


Amazon Connect includes pre-installed integrations with CRM (customer relationship management) systems, as well as an API that can be used to create custom integrations. You can also use Amazon Connect with Workforce Management (WFM) suites to track individual agent performance, administration and staff forecasting. Of course, Amazon Connect interacts with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Kinesis, allowing you to store recorded calls or transmit detailed contact recordings in real time to a data warehouse to combine with business intelligence systems that will provide you with a global analysis of the service you are providing.

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