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elastic partner

At apser we offer solutions to companies that want to focus on the core of their business and are looking to transfer, all or part of, the lifecycle management of their technology infrastructures to a service provider that guarantees maximum availability.

Our services have been specially designed to meet the global needs of companies in terms of network management, voice and data integration, and hosting of critical applications that require a professional context of high availability, high performance storage and fast disaster recovery.


Service Level Agreements


In the cloud since 2003

Maximum effectiveness

High levels of availability

Lean Methodology

Efficient and guaranteed results

ISO 20,000

In management of ICT Services

ISO 27.001

In management of ICT Security

We are AWS's Advanced Consulting Partner for enterprises and AAPP's

Apser is AWS's Advanced Consulting Partner especialised in Iberia's region enterprises, as well as Administrations and Non-Profit

☁ We build our client's future drawing ourselves on the AWS's Cloud services
🚀 We are committed to assist in achieving all of the cloud's potencial and boosting innovation whilist at the same time we promote its growth
🎯 We provide a personalized approach, easy to understand and agile, with the aim to contribute in the general embracement of the cloud's paradigm

Awarded by Amazon Web Services with the APN Rising Star Partner of the Year award for Iberia

With great enthusiasm and pride we announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) have awarded us with the APN Rising Star Partner of the Year award for Iberia.
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We simplify tecnology, we improve the results

We put our IT Service platform at your disposal so that you can achieve properly your business objectives

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In our more than 15 years of experience, we have helped many clients from different sectors and fields to achieve their objectives

Cloud platforms

With the management of more than 200 cloud services, you can rely on our expertise to manage your tecnology

We have used the most complex tecnologies, the most advanced knowledges and we have selected the best suppliers to simplify an excessively complex and changing technological enviroment

We optimize your costs

We rationalize your current resources whilst we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the services.

We guarantee the results

Contracts with indicators of Service's (SLA's) availability and penalties for non-compliance.

We adapt to your resources

We adapt to your needs. We manage your technical and human resources in order to improve the efficiency and the results.

apser, born in Cloud

At apser we define ourselves as: No Gurus, No Geeks. Just Professionals
This statement is composed of three key words:

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